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At my table in Karen

Summertime in Nairobi. Dry and hot. No rain and as it seems the meteorological minds do not foresee any rain before the end of the month. I cook a supper with the things I find in the fridge, pantry and in the garden.

This is just me in my kitchen and what I invent to serve at my table. A table for two, just my love and myself. But it’s enough for three ..)) So for the unexpected passant.


2 onions (tiny pieces) in olive oil with garlic and one small carrot in small pieces. 

- Turmeric

- Cinnamon

- ground black pepper 

- Cumin

I add a spoon of jam, I had leftover from Christmas, a homemade; red currant and cranberries jam, almost a chutney.

Flavor with a tbsp Apple Vinegar.

Capers and green olives a few of each

In the meantime wash with fresh water your green beans and sugar snaps, a 500 gram

One piece of bouillon / veggie stock to the ingredients in your casserole

Then let it be for a while until all ingredients turn soft and glazed.

Add your green vegetables and 1 can of chickpeas without the liquid (safe it in the side) and then add half of the can with the chick pea liquid.

Add a bowl of fresh fruit cut in small pieces like apple, orange, mango, pineapple (this is Kenya !!!). We always have fresh fruit as part of our rituals at my table. Lucky life in a city where fruits are multiple and so rich in Val it and juicy all the way.

Leave all ingredients at decent temperature ( play a little with that) or as long as the liguid  has completely evaporated. 

I do add a bit more of cinnamon, turmeric and dried basil to the mix in my casserole.

My love for olive oil is almost eternal so here again in the final phase I drizzle this golden liquid over the top of my slow cooking ingredients. Leave it and let it be.

Serve if you wish with b12 yeast flakes

Vegan as vegan can be, harmless for my arthritis. I told you I am staying away (for a month) from nightshade vegetables as I have suffered more with pains in my fingers lately. 

The family palate is getting only richer. On top of recipes without peanuts and nuts we have vegan preferences and abstention from  nightshade vegetables . Cooking is evolving in new directions and I love it.



The fusion of flavors; the fruits with the herbs, the green vegetables and the chickpeas make it a nice summer supper at my Table in Karen.

Food and Mood

Food and Mood

Pumpkin in Karen

Pumpkin in Karen