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It’s warm in London today. It has been a week with days of high temperatures, shorts, summer dresses and people having drinks and food in parks and terrasses. I always jump back in my memories and flavors come back from the years in southern regions in France and life in Rabat. The easiness that simply joins in when the sun shines, the skies filters blue, sandals stroll in the park and it’s always the my heart that pops up. 

Preparing food is more fun when the windows open into the court, I imagine the pots with rosemary and lavender in my window turn into a garden. 

The woman I just met at the grocery tells me her secret; her diet: vegetables and mostly cabbage and carrots accompanied by rice and beans ..  vegetarian. No fish and no meat. Raw or cooked, many dishes to go with. 

At my table tonight; sweet oven baked potatoes , grilled red peppers and onions. Pink rosé.



Sprinkle olive oil and fresh thyme on top of the raw vegetables then cook in oven at 200 Celsius.


Study food and thyme