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Last week of school, memorable as last of last of youngest girl and last in row of three sisters attending and graduating school in London. Southbank like shark for strength and perseverance, athletics and academics under the school emblem in black and bright blue letters. Without a visible contour as in their school, classrooms without borders and London as the ultimate laboratorium. Rituals end here with daily walks - for 6 years in August - over roads, avenues and squares that were only names without meaning and now feel common and known. Map of the neighborhood seems I can draw one easily now.

A village in the big cosmopolitan fusion of many villages all with their specific colors and crazy endless, impossible possibilities and chances.

Lunch now: ritual and exam drills.  Nerves and stomach ache. Last week starts now with blue skies over Marylebone and Fitzrovia.

No looking back only heading ahead in a run to land with no ink left and fully written pages. Food in balance with today’s mood of preparation and that feels light and hopeful. Green vegetables and fresh Basel with Italian pasta and a thin slice of white bread. Green is prominent in London too. Lucky with parks and squares and people gathering and celebrating expositions, gardens, picnics and a piece of silence. 


Table cloths with the promenade des Anglais in Nice. A present from my friend Catherina. She brought it with her when she came visiting us in Lausanne. Her talents are in many and in decoration, fabrics and patterns, colors and materials. Love the summer at the table ... sunshine and light, green vegetables and the glass filled with berries. 

Pumpkin in Karen

Pumpkin in Karen