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Pumpkin in Karen

Pumpkin in Karen


look what I got from the gardens this morning. While I wander in the Karen garden together with the gardener we feel lucky to discover many pumpkins are ready for use.

One of my projects while spending periods of time in Nairobi this year is taking care of the vegetable garden. In the recent past this garden served as the green source for the restaurant ( the former occupier of the Karen  house). Then I believe it was abondaned until my husband rented it from the landlady. She made it very clear a vegetables garden is allowed, a new restaurant isn’t. I was not planning of developing any of such but the thought of growing our own crops and herbs felt tempting. As I am more around in Karen - during different seasons - there is a purpose now to start blowing more life into it the garden. This morning we made a modest plan how to proceed. First I will buy good gloves, small tools and seeds. We also need to look into wiser more sustainable irrigation of the plot. ( it is very small so that is reasonable to try)  It makes sense in a country where they implement sustainable farming projects. 

The pumpkins are not within the vegetable garden and grow in a different part in the garden and there are many hiding under the thick layers of leafs.

This pumpkin the gardener brought me this morning looks like an ancient piece, an ornament. A local market in my own garden ... 100% biological gardening (farming). Green inside out.

Today I enjoy it as ornament at my kitchen top. 

ps: Rose if you read this. This is for you it is something I could attach to my board: Spending time in the garden, using all that grow and blossom there for my cooking and baking. 



At my table in Karen