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The pages.

Winter is in the air, this early morning we kind of hoped for snow, but there were just some very wet flakes, in the street lantarns though it looked like snow and there was for a short moment that light feeling, happiness, winter joy. Girls do long for snow, white thick blankets of powder white, velvet and shimmering fur. The Christmas tree stands with all her glory in the middle of the room, her branches dark green and fresh like a new season. With her we embrace the green of longer days and light of days that will again be longer . As we head the shortest day of the year we know that London has been good to us. The last months just passed so quick, and yet with so many memories already. The arrival in the city end of August and all we did to be more comforatble in our flat , we create a space in which we found back ourselves. The arrival of our books and some art works definetely helped with the creation of a feeling home sentiment. No longer lost in the interior of some shabby English appartment but light and fresh and sparkling are the white colors , the painted wooded shelves. Color makes the different and touches the essential feeling of coming home.

Let London be home now for some time.
We will join you at least for a bit of longer time. 
We feel after Rabat home again.
The suitcases and the boxes, are stored for a longer while.
Within the luggage we brought we collected the memories and the images from the last four years. My mind knows how I loved it there, I miss the bougainvillea in all her blossoming, I got the tiny leaves within the pages of my books, never will I forget her colors, her lazy hanging bouguets.