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Tuesday, I don't believe myself, why is it I can not keep up with my notes, just 5 weeks gone and I am behind schedule, London, life, girls, schools, plans, Christmas...what are we doing with three weeks break.
I like to travel, some like to stay, finely Christmas in London...mommy please... grrrrrrrr
And then there are these friends who just travel for a couple of months and they launch a blog. I am too modest, finely I do admit.
And a bit of season, colours, rose, white or red wine now and then could help.
I think, to let go, give thought to virgin pages, ideas, plans. I have a lot, these days, plans, projects, I know I am not always able to realize all, I want, I know the sun helps, and there for these weeks in London, were not bad at all, weather wa helpful.

The pages.