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Changing countries
Nothing new. WE have been doing this quiet a bit. And yet it is new aevery time you're in the middle of the process. Nothing seems a rehearsal. Sounds and flavors, faces and people, the cars or the busses, the brutal fire alarm in the early moring, disturbs one of our first nights in London.
The thrill of the new and the unknown, calm feels the day as I woke up late and did nothing then just wondering, where the children were. I must have forgotten during a long hours sleep, they all left. Already yesterday. Camping out. Schools do those things. These days of bonding as the ultimate goal to reshuffle the group of students, their mindset too I suppose, to create a different setting. 
Make a welcome to new students.
The appartment is empty this morning.
The first days have been going so fast. For me. My youngest had the opposite experience, for her all moments were so enormously long. Is it because everything she sees, feels, cares, buys, eats, embraces, laughs, cries is unknown. Stumbling into a new adventure, for me I could use the word adventure, journey or even a page. Where I think she has a notion of a new life, missing all that she had over the last 4 years. The elevator seems a nice attraction in the building. One with these old iron doors, and while going up, you can just see and hear what happens around you and you wave to your sisters taking the stairs. Luggage, suitcases, empty boxes and hardly any styff is ours, we live in a temporarily flat, we hope it will tell us what we're really looking for. I don't know today, if that means we'll stay here and just live with a limited amount of everything and leave most of our belongings at a storage. Or pack out again one or even several times and settle where there is more space.
London has her rules, and I'm not sure we can play that game so easily. 
I will rest today.