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Strolling around, getting to know this new place where we arrived just three weeks ago feels like being overwhelmed. I can hardly express my own feelings and there are the girls who are in need of my attention, or could it be that I hope they are asking for my help and support. Of course not, there is this seek for balance between them and myself. The new environment that demands and insists on catching and keeping our full attention. Where one of the girls mentioned only before yesterday: 't does feel as if I am on a long holiday Mama'.  We are still strangers in the city where we live now, that hasn't changed over the last weeks. And yet I know that what I felt is no longer there, my first steps seem so long ago already and when I shut the door in the morning I walk without hesitation in a certain direction. There is a sense of orientation and a whole pattern of daily routes and routines has been developed.  There seem to be different levels in the process of getting to know the environment. The easyness as a traveler, a tourist, with a map and a book you'll find that what you're looking for. The dizzyness when you strive for comprehension about the social codes and settings, the values and the rituals. The variety of feelings and emotions, the whole rainbow of sensations that I experience, is so terrible  colourful because of similarity and contradiction.