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Don't know if this is the beginning of the rain season in London.
The rain started yesterday and it felt quiet unexpected.
After a while, some weeks now, I got used to a sunny city.
That amount of sunshine that we received since our arrival, might have been a way to seduce us.
And it worked pretty well for me.
Now the streets are packed with umbrellas, boots and rain coats.
I look through my window, into the right part of our street, and I see one of my daughters with two friends. She keeps her hands upon her head to protect her blond hair. It's hilarious that this is how we act since ever. Pretending we'll stay dry by only placing our hands over our heads.
I can't get myself ready to leave the flat,
So many excuses to stay inside.

My daughter came up, she took a book, opened a drawer, left with a hat.
Her friends wait in the rain.
She runs downstairs.
The front door slaps.