About Me

Pauw is the Dutch translation for Peacock.
My family always used to call me Pauw.
Pauw c'est moi.

It's me, my work, my projects, items and objects I collect all representing the peacock, it's pretty much all about me, it's who I am and like to be.

About Us

This blog is about Life Style.
Our family abroad, around the world, connecting taste, food, education and allergies.
Our message is: make a party every day & you are what you eat!
We are a family of 5.
Three daughters: three sisters. A dad and a mom.
The eldest daughter is deadly allergic for peanuts, less but very serious allergic for all nuts.
The family follows and lives by the restrictions inherent to the allergies we are dealing with.
We live in Rabat, Morocco since August 2008
We lived in Lausanne, Cassis, Peking & Amsterdam.
This blog is a back up for my memory and the memories of my family.
The content is much about life style: our life style. Living in different countries, keeping up with allergies and new food discoveries in every new place where we are posted.
The message is: food is great, cooking together is fun and there is nothing better than to share a meal with family and friends. Senses for food and images captured from different places where we live or travel are more than once about a setting at a table.
Knowledge about food and the respect towards your body evolve a love for taste and a consciousness for health. We learned that allergies are a challenge!.

About The Table

The table was made by a Chinese craftsman in 1996 in Peking, China. It came back with us to Europe and after ten happy years on the old continent we brought it all the way to Morocco.

Last year, while visiting me and my family here in Rabat, my Dad mentioned to me,  'this table resembles you, it symbolizes your family and is an object of so many memories, love, tradition and sharing'.
Indeed the last fifteen years until today we enjoy: conversations, dinners, birthday parties, family gathering, gifts, reading, painting, homework, aperitifs, friends, extended family, babies, buffets, drawing, connections, senses, tastes, breakfast, lunches, new friends, New Year, Arabic lessons, candle light, writing, thinking and laughing at this good old wooden, handmade table.

About Our Baking

The idea to start baking from home is linked to a wider concept of ideas and makes part of a thought process.
While living in different countries my dream to open my cool, sweet, blue food and mood shop just has to wait the moment we'll settle down. Dreaming makes me live. Small steps I'll take.

We love to bake and want you to test, taste and comment our delicious sweet recipes.
Every recipe tells it's own particular and colorful story. While baking we follow the seasons and the local markets. Fresh and dried fruit transform any journey into a festival.

We bake for you!
Think of us:
When you don't like to bake because you're simply to busy...
If you are not in a mood for baking...
If you don't have a clue...
While you dream of tasting and experimenting new flavors...
You think that every day is a party...
Let us know and we'll start baking one of our weekly recipes.

All recipes we propose are peanut and nut free.
We try to bake with 4 ingredients only plus fruit: one of our golden food rules.
Everything we make, is 100% fresh and homemade only.
No artificial adds added.

The recipes you'll discover on my blog are all home made. They are easy to prepare, using basic and few ingredients. I need to make almost everything myself, simply necessary in Morocco and this became a normal ritual in our life, since we discovered my daughter allergies.

We don’t eat fast, we love to live slow.
The kitchen is the center of the house.
’’Nous sommes tous des gourmands’’